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Attuned To Love
September 19
Navigating My Way
September 20

Attuned to Love

This Enneagram-based training is designed for people to make themselves ready to love healthily. For people who are already in relationships, this will help them realize some patterns that they have that gets in the way of them becoming an ideal partner. Some may discover something new about themselves that would make them love even better. It will also open up some sources of conflict that can start to be resolved. For those who are single, this is to prepare you to liberate yourself from self-sabotaging patterns that may be hindering you from finding the right person for you. Dealing...
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Navigating Your Way

This training is designed for people who have struggles having a clear mind in choosing a path and supporting their decisions with the mindset and emotions that will help them. People who say they want to succeed at something yet find them selves sabotaging their own successes by not doing the things they said they would do. Some use real life happenings as excuses to not be at their best, some give in to the judgements of the mind, and some limit themselves because of what they believe they are capable of. This workshop is based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and...
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