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We were born into this world empowered, passionate, fearless, and ready to take on the world. As we grew older, we learned to place limits on what we can do, on what society will approve of, on what will give us more money. I believe that life is simple, fun, and easy. In whatever I do, I try to look for ways to make life such. I try to clear blocks I’ve created along the way, reframe meanings I’ve shaped to make my life painful and difficult.

I believe that we are our best versions of ourselves when we follow our inner compass to happiness and freedom — freedom from our shoulds, coulds, and woulds. And in being our best versions of ourselves, we serve our loved ones and the world better. A world filled with happy and emotionally free people.

As a child, I would dream of ways to have world peace. When I found coaching, I thought this could be a way to inch our way towards that seemingly far-fetched idea. And it just might be. If we could all just go back to being that empowered, fearless and passionate child, the earth will be a better place to live in for you and for me.

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